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I am currently having issues with Old Navy and their lack of information regarding shipping information being posted in the shopping cart.

I recently placed an order on Old Navy's website. Like most americans i work during the day and no one is home for the most part so if i need things shipped i typically have them sent to my work. i always make sure that i when i place an order on line that the shipping carrier is either UPS or FEDEX bc we have two seperate address for my placement of employment. One is for USPS and the other is our physical address. I have previously ordered things online with Old Navy and had no issues because things were always shipped by UPS.

Well this past or that i sent is going by USPS. I noticed that while it was still "in processing" status and called customer service to either update to 2nd day shipping or to my home address to avoid having the package returned to sender. Well this apparently is entirely too hard for them to do over there.

The first customer service rep that i spoke to told me, "No i am sorry we can't do that because it is a security issue." what? how is that a security issues. i will verify all of my personal information i just need this stuff changed because i am not going to to receive this package via usps at my work. "No we can't i am sorry." She then proceeds to tell me that what she can do is cancel the orignally order and then replace it and request 2nd day shipping. So i say ok i'll do that. Well as she tries to do so now a couple of the things that were ok'd by my first order are now out of stock and will not be in again. Really?!

After i told her that i did not want to cancell the existing order because i wanted all the items that i ordered first time around, i told her that i wanted to speak to her supervisior. i was on hold for 2o mins just for her to come back and say, "O i am sorry but she is on the phone can she give you a call back?" well 3 hours later i received a call back and the women is NOW telling me that they just don't have access to change the shipping information after the order is placed. I explained to her about how there is a lack of information reguarding the shipping information and all she could do was tell me, " I am sorry but to make up for it we will send you a 20% off coupon for your next online purchase." REALLY ARE YOU CRAZY?!!! I am done with shopping online or in the store with GAP INC. Their lack of care and consideration for the customers is crazy and sad. how about saying, "o we are very sorry for your troubles and our mistake. How about we take care of the additional shipping charges to correct this and get your package to you" NOPE they just offer me 20% off knowing that i will never use it.


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It sounds to me like you need to take a deep breath. After a company ships an item it is beyond their control.

Businesses work with many shipping companies and can have many warehouses where products will be moved and shipped from. Once your address has been entered and the order has been placed multipal people will need to be contacted to fix your situation. Also i am SURE you were not the only person demanding to speak to a supervisor, they have to deal with many customers a day like yourself and IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT.

If they didnt get back to you for 3 hours they were most likely on the phone for the past 3 hours talking to people just like you. This is not worth complaining about, sounds like you need something more entertaining in your life then shopping online.

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