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Lifelong customer of The Gap and Athleta (Gap owned). Purchased an item at The Gap as a gift.

Went on vacation. When I returned was told that the gift I purchased was not going to work. I went to return the item and was told that on a $65 pair of pants I would get $20 back becuase it had been over 30 day. I emailed them and they said - our policy is posted at the register.

Had I been told I would not have purchased the gift there - which is my suggestion for everyone else - DON'T buy your holiday gifts at The Gap. For such a big company.. .they are missing the big picture. Lost me as a customer ..

hope you will not shop there as well. Plenty other stores who value our business!

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #639792

So your pissed off because you failed to read the signs at the register and what is printed on the bottom of EVERY receipt? What is wrong with this picture, more like ignorance on behalf of the customer more so than the fault of the store. If they had to quote every policy to you before you left the store you'd be there for hours and then would complain about that.

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